1996 Leeds RAC International Historic Rally

This years Historic Rally is based in the City of Leeds and is sponsored by Leeds City Council. The event is expected to attract a high quality entry from countries as far flung as Japan and the USA together with many leading crews in historic motorsport from Europe and the UK. The field will be led away by last years winning driver, former British Rally Champion Jimmy McRae.

The Historic cars will be following much of the same route as the Network Q RAC Rally on both Saturday and Sunday. The historic cars will have two visits to Croft Circuit, one on the run out when they will attempt two runs of a two and a half mile stage, and once on the way back to Leeds when they will follow the same route as for the modern rally. The Network Q RAC Rally 36 mile Pundershaw stage has been divided into two (Chirdonhead and Pundershaw) for the historic cars. Otherwise the stages are the same for both events.

Location1st carAdmissionFacilities
Friday 22nd November 1996
ScrutineeringThe Headrow, Leeds14:00-18:00FreeCommentary
Saturday 23rd November
StartThe Headrow, Leeds06:10FreeCommentary
SS1 & 2Croft Circuit07:55£7, children under 16 £1
SS3Chirdonhead11:13£5 per car
SS4Pundershaw11:48£5 per car
SS5The County Durham Stage14:22£5 per car
SS6 & 7Croft Circuit16:10£7, children under 16 £1
End of Leg 1Granary Wharf, Leeds19:06
Sunday 24th November
Re-StartGranary Wharf, Leeds07:00
SS8 & 9Clumber Park08:11£7, children under 16 £1Catering, toilets and commentary
SS10 & 11Beechdale Saab Donington10:01£7, children under 16 £1Catering, toilets, commentary, museum
SS12 & 13Leeds12:21£7, children under 16 (and all after 10:30) £1Catering, toilets, commentary
FinishThe Headrow, Leeds13:09FreeCommentary

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