Leeds - RAC International Historic Rally 1996

Outline Timetable

5th August
Entries open
15th October
Entries close
31st October
Confirmation of entries
22nd November
Scrutineering and Documentation
22nd November 18:00
Team Entries Close
22nd November 20:00
Publication of final entry list and starting times for Leg 1
23rd November from 06:15
Entry to start area
23rd November 07:00
Rally Start, Leeds
23rd November 21:30
End of Leg 1, Scrutineering & Parc Fermé, Hilton National Hotel, Leeds
23rd November 23:00
Provisional Results for Leg 1 and starting times for Leg 2
24th November 06:15
Start of Leg 2, Hilton National Hotel, Leeds
24th November 13:00
Rally Finish/Post-event Scrutiny, Leeds
24th November 16:00
Provisional Results, Hilton National Hotel, Leeds
24th November 17:00
Prize-giving, Hilton National Hotel, Leeds
Further information from: Alison Woolley, Rally Manager, Leeds - RAC International Historic Rally, Tibberton Court, Tibberton, Gloucester, GL19 3AF United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1452 790648 Fax: +44 1452 790649

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