25th International Rally of Turkey

Outline Timetable

27th May
Entries open
12th July 09:00
Issuing of the Road Book
12th July 18:00
Entries close
18th July
Publication of the list of entries
22nd July
Opening of Rally Center and Secretariat in Swissotel
24th July 10:00-17:00
Distribution of documents
24th July 15:00
Opening of the Press Room in Swissotel
25th July 10:00-17:00
Scrutineering at Swissotel Parking
25th July 17:00
Closing of Team Entries
25th July 18:30
Publication of Starting List
26th July 09:01
Start Closed Park at Swissotel
26th July 10:01
Start of the Rally from Swissotel
26th July 20:52
Finish of the 1st Leg
26th July 23:00
Publication of the result of the 1st Leg
27th July 08:01
Start of the 2nd Leg from Swissotel
27th July 19:20
Finish of the Rally
27th July 20:00
Final Scrutineering
27th July 22:00
Publication of the results
27th July 22:30
Prize Giving Ceremony at Swissotel
Further information from: 4 Gazeteciler Sitesi A.5 Blok No.3 Levent 80630 Istanbul Turkey
Telephone: +90 212 280 46 57 or 280 36 67 Fax: +90 212 264 76 22

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