Safety Devices National Macadam Rally Championship 1998

Rules and Regulations

Article 1 - Calendar
Article 2 - Announcements
Article 3 - Eligibility
Article 4 - Registration
Article 5 - Vehicle Eligibility & Classes
Article 6 - Scoring
Article 7 - Ties
Article 8 - Championship Support
Article 9 - Motorsport Equipment
Article 10 - Championship Awards
Article 11 - Competitor Contacts
Appendix A - Qualifying Events
Appendix B - Subsidiary Trade Support

Article 1 Calendar

see Appendix A.

If through force majeure any of the qualifying rounds are cancelled, the promoters of the Championship reserve the right either to include an alternative event on the same date or alter the number of events on which the scores will count. Notification of any such changes, in accordance with RACMSA Yearbook Article B8.4(a), will be given as soon as possible.

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Article 2 Announcements

The Championship will be known as the Safety Devices National Macadam Rally Championship and these regulations have been approved by the RAC Motor Sport Association. Series Permit No. CH98R5343 has been issued. The Championship will be open to drivers and co-drivers (see Article 3.1 Eligibility).
The Championship will be composed of 8 (but see Article 1.1) special stage rallies taking place over sealed surfaces.
The Championship is promoted by Andrew Haill (the Co-ordinator).
The Championship is sponsored by Safety Devices.
Points positions will be published as soon as possible after the finish of each qualifying round and will be forwarded to registered competitors by mail. Any queries should be forwarded to the promoter within seven days of their publication.
Organisers of qualifying events retain the sole right to select and accept entries for their events and the Championship promoters cannot be held responsible for refusal of entry. It is a competitor's responsibility to obtain event regulations and apply for entries. In the case of any dispute relating to the Championship, it will be referred to an adjudicating panel of stewards.

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Article 3 Eligibility

1. The Championship is open to anyone holding a National 'A', or higher, rally licence.
2. Competitors must make available areas on both front doors of the competing vehicle for the purposes of displaying:
The Championship promoter has the final discretion as to the positioning of Championship decals.

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Article 4 Registration

All competitors (drivers or co-drivers), before they are eligible to score points, are required to register by completion of the Championship registration form and payment of the fee. Competitors will sign on at every event and will declare their eligibility for class and category thereon.
Once a registration has been accepted, no competitor may opt out of the Championship, or disclaim any points to which they may become eligible,
Registration fees - £35 per driver, £25 per co-driver or £55 per crew - should be made payable to Andrew Haill Associates and forwarded to the Co-ordinator at the address shown in Article 11.
In applying for registration, a competitor agrees to be bound by the rules as laid out in these regulations. Championship bulletins may be issued during the course of the year. These will be numbered and dated and, where appropriate and marked thus, will have the same force as these regulations.
The organisers and promoters reserve the right to refuse an entry.

Article 5 Vehicle Eligibility & Classes

1. Cars will be split into classes as follows:

2. Homologation forms for cars in classes N1 through to A8 must be carried in the rally car and be readily available for inspection at all times.

3. Vehicles with forced induction will have their capacity increased by 70% to determine their eligible class.

4. Competitors who wish to enter any car covered by RACMSA regulation K42.1.3 (1998) must first apply to the Co-ordinator with full details. Authorisation is entirely at the discretion of the RACMSA and, in the case of MG Metro 6R4 variants, sealed engines of 2.5 litres (international injection) or 2.8 litres (single plenum type) are permitted and each vehicle must have a relevant original engine capacity certificate.

5. At any time during the events counting towards the Championship, the Eligibility Scrutineer/Chief Scrutineer may seal any component of a competing vehicle by means of wire and official RACMSA seals or reactive paint. Components that have been fitted to the car and subsequently removed may also be requested for examination. All costs of stripping and rebuilding to be borne by the competitor. Wheel dimensions of Group A & N vehicles must comply with Appendix J of the FIA and, in the case of Class B cars, RACMSA Yearbook Article K42.4.3 refers.

6. Any competitor EXCLUDED from any event in the Championship by reason of having an ineligible vehicle will be subject to the following Championship penalties:
First Offence: count the event as one of the events contributing to his/her total Championship score (Article 6.1) i.e. count a zero score.
Second Offence: be excluded from the Championship and forfeit any Championship awards,

7. Any competitor excluded from an event in the Championship for any other infringement will not be subject to additional penalty other than the loss of any points he might otherwise have scored on that event.

8. Any vehicle which fails to satisfy the Championship Eligibility/Event Scrutineers at Pre-Event Scrutineering, in respect of Safety or Technical Regulations, will not be permitted to start that event.

9. If a car is selected for Post-Event Scrutineering, then Results and Championship points will remain provisional until the vehicle is inspected and approved by the Championship Eligibility Scrutineer or his nominated deputy.

10. Any vehicle which is found to be ineligible for its declared Championship class at the conclusion of an event will be EXCLUDED, not reclassified. The onus is always on a competitor to present a vehicle which conforms with the eligibility for the class entered.

11. Noise: the organisers will appoint Judges of Fact to adjudicate on any instances of instantaneous factual occurrence or any other abnormal sound levels. They will report their findings to the Chief Scrutineer, who will advise the Clerk of the Course, who will then apply the appropriate penalty. Competitors should pay particular heed to the RAC Motor Sports Yearbook - clauses C11 and C12.2.

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Article 6 Scoring

A competitor may only score points in the class relevant to the vehicle in which he is competing on any individual Championship event. Drivers and co-drivers are eligible to score points in Overall and Class classification. Competitors will count their best SIX scores towards their final Championship position.

Overall Points will be awarded to the first 22 registered drivers and co-drivers on each event as follows: 1st 25; 2nd 22; 3rd 20; 4th 19; 5th 18; and so on down to 22nd 1.

Class Points will be awarded to the first 12 registered drivers and co-drivers in each of the named classes (N1 through B12) on each round as follows: 1st 15; 2nd 12; 3rd 10; 4th 9; and so on down to 12th 1.

Formula Two Points will be awarded to the first12 registered drivers of cars qualifying for Formula Two on each qualifying round as follows: 1st 15; 2nd 12; 3rd 10; 4th 9; 5th 8; and so on down to 12th 1.

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Article 7 Ties

Ties will be decided in favour of the competitor with the greatest number of highest points scores on any of the events within the overall classification or class in which the tie exists. Any further ties will be decided in favour of the competitor with the greatest number of second highest points scores and so on. In the event of a tie still remaining then the first competitor to achieve the higher points score will take the award. All scores amassed during the season will be taken into consideration.

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Article 8 Championship Support

1. Championship Travel Agent - ALLWAYS EXECUTIVE TRAVEL LTD (Tel: 01873 859500/850333) will offer competitive rates on all travel to registered competitors.
2. Championship Photographers - AUTOFOCUS DIGITAL will attend all rounds of the Championship. Contact CHRIS MILES-WILLIAMS (Tel: 01462 730081) for all your requirements.
3. Championship Map Suppliers - NORTH EAST RALLY MAPS can supply O.S. maps of the U.K. and Eire, Pacenote books and laminated stage map books etc., etc. Contact: Rowan Lee (Tel : 0191 416 0732) for further details.

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Article 9 Motorsport Equipment

Safety Devices personnel (Tel: 01353 724202/3) will be in attendance on each event. Please quote your Championship registration number in any correspondence.

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Article 10 Championship Awards

AWARDS WILL ONLY BE PRESENTED TO REGISTERED CONTENDERS WHO HAVE STARTED A MINIMUM OF FOUR ROUNDS. In addition, all awards must be collected at the end-of-season prizegiving ceremony; they will not be posted or forwarded by other means. All named trophies are perpetual and must be returned within 12 months of presentation.

2. Overall awards
1st Driver: £1000, the SAFETY DEVICES Trophy + a framed 30" x 20" print, courtesy of Autofocus Digital + an Award.
3rd Driver: £250 + a SAFETY DEVICES Award.
1st Co-driver: A SAFETY DEVICES Award + The MOTORDRIVE SEATS PERPETUAL TROPHY + a framed 30" x 20" print, courtesy of AutoFocus Digital.

3. Class awards Awards will be presented to the first, second and third drivers and co-drivers in class N1 through to B12.

The winning Formula 2 driver will receive the BRIDGEND FORD PERPETUAL TROPHY + a cheque for £100 and an Award, courtesy of AutoFocus Digital.
The winning Formula 2 co-driver will receive an award.

First and second overall driver and co-driver and first Formula Two driver/co-driver are ineligible for any class awards.

We are pleased to renew our association with Mintex who will donate a voucher, redeemable through Questmead, for a FREE set of brake pads to the highest-placed driver in Group A, Group N and Formula 2 on each qualifying round. At the end of the season the winners of these three categories will each receive a voucher to the value of £250.

Competition Car Insurance will donate vouchers, each to the value of £100, to the following class winning drivers at the end of the season - Classes N1/N2/A5/A6/B9/B10.

A cheque for £250, plus an award, to the first driver under 30 years of age on 1.1.98 in a Formula Two car - i.e. from classes N1/N2/N3/A5/A6/A7.

The Hendy Ford Motorsport trophy, plus a cheque for £100, will be presented to the driver of the highest-placed homologated Formula 2 Ford in the overall points table at the end of the season.

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Article 11 Competitor Contacts

Andrew Haill, PO Box 1445, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. B76 1WW. Tel: 0121-313 1416 Fax: 0121-313 1105

Colin Salkeld, 64 Penhill Close, Ouston, Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham DH2 1SG. Tel: 0191-410 7061 Mobile 0860 960489

Tony Newsum, Rallies Executive, RACMSA, Motorsports House, Riverside Park, Colnbrook, Slough. SL3 OHG. Tel: 01753 681736 Fax: 01753 682938

Ron Jackson, North East Rally Services, 13 Kielder Avenue, Cramlington, Northumberland. NE23 8JT. Tel: 0191 232 5989 Fax: 01670 734 191 E-mail:

Product Sales - Regal Drive, Soham, Cambridgeshire CB7 5BE. Tel: 01353 724202/3. Fax: 01353 724213. E-mail:

PDPR, 1 Mustills Lane, Over, Cambridgeshire CB4 5PW: Tel: 01954 232292. Fax: 01954 232279. E-mail:

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Appendix A Qualifying Events

Date Event Contact Entries Secretary
February 15 Cheviot Stages
(Newcastle upon Tyne)
Mike Rowe
2 Clockburnsyde Close
Fellside Park
NE16 5UR
Tel: 0191 488 5193
Dave Cartwright
40 Stella Hall Drive
Tyne & Wear
NE21 4LE
Tel: 0191 414 8998
April 11 Tour of Epynt
Ed Morgan
Brynhyfryd Post Office
3 Central Buildings
Cwm Level Road
Tel: 01792 652528
Sue Williams
88 Jersey Road
Tel: 01792 465412
April 25/26 Tour of Cornwall
Tony Lawrence
Grenna Lane
Perranwell Station
Tel: 01872 862133
Janet Cook
32 Egloshayle Road
PL27 6AD
Tel: 01208 815382
May 4 Millbrook Stages
Gary Nicholls
84 Totnes Walk
Tel: 01245 351468
Marion Nicholls
84 Totnes Walk
Tel: 01245 351468
July 3-5 Jim Clark Memorial Rally
Colin Pagan
Cheviot View
South Doddington
NE71 6AL
Tel: 01668 282059
Robin Scott
25 Victoria Road
NE71 6DX
Tel: 01668 281162
August 9 Tyneside Stages
Frank Imeson
15 Duke Street
NE66 1QU
Tel: 01665 510941
Christine Shilton
Tyelaw Cottage
11 High Buston
Nr Alnmouth
NE66 3QH
Tel: 01665 830788
August 29/30 Mewla National
(Builth Wells)
Chris Jones
10 Cefn Morfa
Cefnllys Lane
Llandrindod Wells
Tel: 01597 824871
Trina Edwards
Station Road
Llanwrtyd Wells
Tel: 01591 610450
Sept 19/20 Wexford
Pat O'Dowd
Clonard Great
Tel: 00 353 53 41846
Martina Moran
Tel: 00 353 51561566
Nov 28 Awards Evening Details TBA

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Appendix B Subsidiary Trade Support

A number of external trade organisations will support the Championship such as Mintex, Competition Car Insurance and Allways Executive Travel Ltd. Their relevant decals will be supplied and must be affixed in the position specified under Article 3.2. Failure to display ALL decals as supplied will mean that the competitor in question becomes ineligible for any of the overall cash awards as specified under Article 10 and in any subsequent bulletins. Such a bulletin which details trade supporters and the value of awards will be issued prior to Round One of the Championship.

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