Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally 2004

Award Winners

POSITION NUMBER                      CREW
    1      17  Geoff Hall/Paul Bosdet       Austin Cooper S

Overall Expert - Shaw Trophy and replica
    1       9  Colin Wallace/Craig Wallace  Saab 96 V4 
Overall Novice - Horsforth Trophy and replica
    1      21  Chris Valentine/Colin Valentine Hillman Imp 
Overall Beginner - Peel Trophy and replica
    1      30  Andrew Lane/Ade Bennett      Triumph TR4 

Class A1
    1       1  John Ball/David Wilson       Triumph TR3
Class B1
    1       2  James Tyson/Neil Harrison    Mini
Class C1
    1       3  Adam Wiseberg/Cath Woodman   Porshce 911S Targa
Class A2
No award made
Class B2
    1      16  John Hartley/Jonathan Ball   Porshce 911
    2      26  Paddy Jones/Tony Longstaff   Ford Cortina GT Mk I
Class C2
No award made
Class N1
    1      19  Les McGuffog/Mike Stenhouse  Triumph Vitesse
    2      22  David Charlson/Steve Entwistle Ford Escort Mk 1
Class N2
    1      29  John Whittaker/Anthony Whittaker Austin Healy 3000Mk2A

Ladies Crew
No award made
Mixed Crew
No award made
Ilkley & District Motor Club Crew
No award made
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