North Humberside Forest Rally 2008

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19th March 2008

The North Humberside Forest Stages Rally, on Saturday 29th March, marks the launch of the 2008 BTRDA RALLY FIRST Challenge.

Designed as an opportunity for existing crews who want competition at an affordable level, and a lower-cost entry point to forest rallying for new competitors, the Rally First Challenge runs on the remaining seven rounds of the 2008 BTRDA Rally Series, with each competitor's best five scores to count towards their final tally.

Eligible cars are existing two-wheel drive vehicles up to a maximum of 1400cc that are kept basically to their standard specification, with only minor modifications permitted, and the addition of those safety items required for special stage rallying. This will keep preparation and running costs down to a minimum and, although the technical regulations restrict performance modifications, they are flexible enough to accept existing rally cars such as F1000 and those prepared for Endurance Road Rallying.

The regulations allow a multitude of production vehicles to compete and amongst those already registered are a VW Lupo, a Citroen C2 and a Saxo, both a Vauxhall Corsa and an Astra, Peugeot 106/205, a Skoda Felicia, a Nissan Micra and a Toyota Aygo.

As an extra incentive to competitors, organisers of each of the events in the calendar have agreed to provide a ­50 reduction on the entry fee.

For further information on this new initiative, go to

The BTRDA Rally First Co-ordinator, to whom all enquiries should be directed, is Howard Wilcock - Tel : 01159 665176/E-mail :

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