North Humberside Forest Rally 2008

Spectator Information

The following spectator information was released on 19 March 2008.

Stage No Stage Name First Car Directions
  Start 09:01 West Cliff, Whitby 94/NZ 897114
3 Cropton 10:30 Approach via Cropton village. Follow signs for Rosedale & Hartoft End and then signs around Spiers House Caravan Site (approx. 94/SE 751908) to park as directed.
Do not obstruct the access road from Blackpark Lodge to Spiers House which is in use by heavy traffic associated with construction work at Spiers House Caravan Site.
Parking will be charged.
Viewpoint is near car park. 94/SE 755918.
6 Cropton 14:20 As SS3.
  Finish 15:40 West Cliff, Whitby 94/NZ 897114

The car parking charge will be £10 per car.

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