North Humberside Forest Rally 1997

Rumblings from the Royal Volume One 1997

G5 Colin Kitchen/Andrew Tatham Did not reach the start - car problems.

S21 Michael Watson/Geoff Moss Front struts seized in garage at home.

S23 Andy Elliott/Steve Harris Car stalled in start Time Control. Yours truly pushed the car off but there was no fuel pressure; he was forced to retire.

From 1st and 2nd Service Weaponess

G3 Martin Meadows/Ian Oakey Car suffering from fuel surging.

G6 David Hutchinson/Frank McAlister Running rough; believed low on fuel.

G9 Andy Senior/Dave Ellis Spun on hairpin at Olivers. No damage.

G10 Nick Warren/Darren Smeaton No brakes for the last mile of Olivers.

G12 Steve head/Cameron Kelly Lost the intercom and trip meter on Olivers.

G14 Andrew Pawley/Tim Sturla Went straight on at the Mere hairpin.

G17 Cameron Park/Graham Parker Lost the handbrake and had a moment at the Mere hairpin.

G28 Tim Mason/Paul Nolan Moment at the Mere hairpin. The brakes need looking at.

G29 Damon Harvey/Greg Haynes The car is misfiring over 5000 rpm.

G34 George Mullins/Kim Bannister First time in car today. Brake bias not quite right.

G36 Michael O'Hara/Richard Forster Slight spin on the Mount.

G46 Chaz Hiscock/Michael Rowe Both on 1st event. Missed the hairpin.

S3 John Thompson/David Hancock Hit straw bales at top of the Mount. Lost passenger window and dented the door.

S19 Anthony Eaton/Peter Hartland Towed into service at Weaponess.

S37 Dave Warner/Martin Pettit Seen parked up at the side of the road after Olivers Mount; believed piston rings gone.

The following cars all caught their minute man on Olivers:
S1 Warren Philliskirk/Eurig Evans
S2 Alaister Tough/Alan Bland
S6 Chris Birkbeck/Mike Corner
S9 Peter Vassallo/Richard Pulleyn

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