North Humberside Forest Rally 1997

Rumblings from the Royal Volume Two 1997 The Fire Tower

G1 Simon Chapman/Peter Foy Took chicane out SS2. Brakes dicey. Overshot hairpin SS3. Now driving cautiously. Brake pads changed at service.

G2 Pete Littler/Andrew Marchbank Car not handling well after roll in Somerset.

G4 Paul Griffiths/Shaun O'Gorman Very slippy last part of SS3. Rough worst stage ever.

G6 David Hutchinson/Frank McAlister Horrible day. Still got misfire; only half power. New engine - it's a mystery.

G8 Nigel Wetton/Clive Hilton Off on SS2 helped back by spectators.

G10 Nick Cook/Darren Smeaton Reported to have rolled in Stage 5 Staindale.

G15 Shaun Woffinden/Martin Carter Had a few big moments.

G16 Mark Dickinson/Ken Sturdy Had terrible run through Harwood Dale. No intercom nearly killed navigator.

G20 Mike Brown/Liam Clogger Towed into service. All electrics gone.

G25 Lionel Firn/John Richardson New codriver not used to the system!

G28 Tim Mason/Paul Nolan Steady away keeping car for Pirelli.

G29 Damon Harvey/Greg Haynes First stage misfire cost a lot of time.

G34 George Mullins/Kim Bannister Engine popped and banged and then cleared itself.

G39 Stewart Rolt/Andrew Bull The driver's first rally.

G40 Jeremy Nolan/Graham Wilcox Quite good. Catching the Micras.

G41 Nicholas Tate/Robert Duck The car is wandering.

G33 Mike Daw/Ben Coles Has no brakes and now no handbrake as cable is stretched.

G43 Darren Lyons/Jayne Lyons The clutch is slipping.

G46 Chas Hiscock/Michael Howe Has a bent wishbone.

G48 Debbie Waterworth/Jason Austin Retired from the event.

S1 Warren Philiskirk/Eurig Evans Slight off in Langdale.

S2 Alastair Tough/Alan Bland Slight off on SS2. Alastair has 'flu. Gearbox broken in SS6.

S3 John Thompson/David Hancock Turbo blown in stage 5.

S9 Peter Vassallo/Richard Pulleyn No problems except the driver.

S14 Jeff McNiel/Christine Francis Off in SS4 Langdale. Bent steering arm and no grip.

S20 Clifford Spencer/Janice Spencer His wife's first rally navigating for 20 years.

S31 Phil Bayliss/Graham Hopewell Very hot in car.

S38 James Metcalfe/Allan Russell Alternator is packing up.

S42 Mark Loomes/Stephen Lloyd Gear stick came off in his hand on SS1.

S45 Roger Freer/Joe Baguley 1st stage electrical problems, misfiring but has cured itself.

S46 Rob Wilson/Jane Sturdy Bad day. Clutch slipping. 'As sick as a Blackpool donkey'

S58 Colin Gent/Graham Kent Lost glass out of door mirror. Did the same last rally in Gale Rigg.

S59 James Rogers/Neil Chambers Had an off in stage and the car is all over the place.

S65 Kari Bates/Bill Bates Enjoying it, still smiling (Father and daughter).

S67 Gary Cooper/Matthew Whattam Spun on Olivers and has no intercom.

S68 Chris Bursell/Gary Bursell The car stopped on a road section for 10 minutes. Started again for no reason.

S69 Jennifer Smith/Susan Freer 'Us girls enjoying ourselves'

S70 Colin Minton/Graham Ramsay Had alternator problems on SS1

S71 Noel Wilkinson/Mike Yates Passed car in stage - made my day. Car has been rebuilt - now very good.

S73 Andrew Hird/Steve Atkins 'Brakes! but I can live with it'

S74 Ian Clarke/Anne Ellis Two very near misses in stage.

S78 Michael Chinchin/Andy Juniper Engine overheating. Broken rear shock absorber.

S80 Dave Nichols/Ros Troth Caught a Cosworth in front! Best day ever.

S81 Ronald Smart/Graham Smart Suffering from clutch problems.

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