North Humberside Forest Rally 1997

Spectator Information

Start:      Quality Royal Hotel, Ferensway, Hull  First car: 08:30
            MR 107/092288
Stage 1:    Oliver's Mount, Scarborough                      10:04
            Mere Hairpin MR 101/036858
            Hairpin 101/038868
Stages 2/3: Harwood Dale                                     10:57/11:12
            Access from A171 at MR 101/934988 & 101/968981
Stage 5:    Staindale                                        12:50
            N.B. Forest Drive closed at (and to the East of) 
            Staindale Lake
            access to hairpin on to tarmac at 101/884904 
            along forst drive from Dalby village
Stage 6:    Dalby West                                       13:14
            Dalby Woodyard MR 100/859860 access via Forest 
            Drive to Low Dalby village
Stage 7:    Dalby East                                       13:28
            Dalby Woodyard as above
Finish:     Quality Royal Hotel, Ferensway, Hull             15:41
            Prizegiving                                      19:30

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