North Humberside Forest Rally 1997

Outline Timetable

20th March 18:00
Entries payable by 2 instalments close; Entries at standard fee close
27th March 18:00
Entries at increased fee and management plate applications close
1st April 19:45
Final Instructions posted
4th April 16:00-22:00
4th April 16:00-22:30
5th April 08:31
First car starts from Hull City Centre
5th April 16:00 (approx)
First car finishes at the Quality Royal Hotel, Hull
5th April 18:30
Provisional Results published (subject to Official Delay)
5th April 19:30
Awards Presentation (subject to Official Delay)
Further information from: Alan Carvell, Entries Secretary, North Humberside Forest Rally, 20 Badgers Wood, Park Lane, Cottingham, East Yorkshire, HU16 5ST United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1482 840756

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