BTRDA Rally Series 1999

Competitors Bulletin No 4 - March/April 1999

Miles Johnston became the third different driver in three events to claim maximum Gold Star points when his Peugeot 306S16 emerged from the North York Moors at the head of the F2 time sheets on the North Humberside Rally. Phil Morgan still leads the Peugeot Sport table in his similar car after a string of consistent finishes but, when dropped scores come into play towards the end of the season, we could well be in for a humdinger of a contest!

Whilst former Silver Star champion Warren Philliskirk (Metro 6R4) took outright victory on Humberside for the second time in three years, third place was more than enough to keep John Thompson (Ford Escort Cosworth) in the lead of the Clear System Solutions series. However, Wyedean Forest Rally winner Brian Bell (Ford Escort WRC) scored his second maximum from three starts which puts him in quite an enviable position at this early stage! ...

Also on the North Humberside Rally, 18-year old Ben Briant wrote himself into the record books by becoming the first driver to take the new Ford Puma to a class win on a UK rally.

The Somerset Stages is next on the agenda on Saturday 17th April - you should already have your entry in but, if not, speak to George Mullins Snr - Tel: 01749 673503.

Regulations for Round 5 of the BTRDA Series - The Plains Rally - Saturday 1st May - are now available from the Entries Secrtary: Alan Smith - Tel: 01204 840664.

BTRDA on the Internet

Should you be unfortunate enough to lose the enclosed bulletin/points, and be too embarrassed to admit it, provided that you have access to the Internet, you will be able to find out all you need to know, either on the BTRDA's own website - - and our Rally Results Service, Tynemouth Computer Services, publish all the BTRDA rally results and points on their own site -

All BTRDA Rally Series competitors please note that, during any qualifying round of the series, random checks for vehicle noise and the possession of pace notes by any crew may be made. Post-event scrutineering checks may also be carried out and the findings of each reported to the relevant authorities.

Number Plates

In some instances cars are contesting qualifying rounds of the BTRDA Rally Series with number plates that do not conform to the Road Traffic Act. The attached document is an extract from the Road Vehicles (Registration & Licensing) Regulations which refer to the position & dimensions of the Registration Marks that must be fitted vertically to the front and rear of all vehicles.

SIZE. The Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 1971, Reg. 17 and Sched. 2
Class of Vehicle Height of Letters or Figures Breadth of every part Width of Letter or Figure Space between Letters Top and Bottom Margin Side Margin
  all figures are shown in inches
General 5/8 ½ ½ 1
3 1/8 9/16 7/16 7/16 7/16
Alternative to above may be used by a bicycle, invalid carriage or pedestrian controlled vehicle (front) 5/16 ¼ ¼ ½
5/16 3/16 ¼ ¼
Alternative to above may be used by a bicycle, invalid carriage or pedestrian controlled vehicle (rear) 3/8 ½ ½ ½
3/8 3/8 3/8 3/8

All competitors are advised that registration plates that do not conform to these regulations are in contravention of the requirements of the Road Vehicle (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 1971 and, as such, an offence will have been committed, both in law and through the regulations of the rally.

Mintex Bonus Awards

The winners on the North Humberside Forest Rally each receive a set of Mintex competition brake pads supplied by Alan Brown @ Questmead (Tel: 01706 860088) who attends all BTRDA events.
Class B9 Mark Constantine Gareth Clark
Class B10 Andy Carter Grant Sturkey
Class B11 Jon Ballinger Alan Clark
Class B12 Brian Bell John Thompson

Dunlop Bonus Awards

The winners of the Dunlop Bonus awards on the North Humberside Forest Rally were:
Class N1 £100 Duncan Williams £50 David Pattrick
On the next round of the series, the Somerset Stages, classes B9/B10/B11 will be eligible.
Details from Tony Leake - Tel: 0121 384 4444.

Peugeot Bonus Awards

The winners of the Peugeot Bonus Awards on the North Humberside Forest Rally were:
Peugeot 106 Peugeot 306
£150 Chris Tooze £150 Miles Johnston
£75 Duncan Williams £75 Phil Morgan
£25 David Pattrick £25 Ricky Evans

Silkolene Bonus Awards

The winners of the Silkolene Bonus Awards on the North Humberside Forest Rally were:
Class N3 Richard Phillipson  
Class A5 Rupert Hopcraft Simon Mauger
Class B9 Mark Constantine Gareth Clark

These official Bulletins, along with full Championship points tables, will be issued after each round of the BTRDA Rally Series. Any queries relating to them must be addressed to Howard Wilcock, at the address at the top of this bulletin, within seven days of receipt.

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