North Humberside Forest Rally 1999 Regulations

Note that the printed copy of the regulations is definitive.


List of Officials
Previous Winners
Rally Timetable
11. ENTRIES (Fees and Methods of Payment)
13. ENTRIES (Acceptance)


Welcome to the 1999 North Humberside Forest Rally.

The event is again a round of the BTRDA Rally Series (incorporating the Peugeot Sport Gold Star Championship and the Clear System Solutions Silver Star Championship), and two regional association championships: the Phoenix Awards ANEMMC Stage Rally Championship and the EMAMC Roadrunner Stage Rally Championship. The rally will again be based in Kingston upon Hull which this year celebrates its 700th anniversary.

Once again we have no sponsor. We feel that the entry fee of £255 will be competitive with other events offering similar stages and mileages and there is no multi-usage. Our stages remain in the classic North Yorkshire Forests (Oliver's Mount is not included this year). As in previous years the entry fee may be paid in instalments.

We are trying to reward the hard-working Marshals and ask you to support them by a donation either on the entry form or at documentation. This is entirely voluntary and you will receive a "smiley sticker" for your windscreen for every £5. Our aim is to provide every marshal with a memento.

As last year there will be secure overnight car parking available for competition cars in a city centre multi-storey car park, courtesy of Princes Quay Shopping Centre. Parking will also be available for service vehicles in the undercover car parking area at Hull Paragon Station, at the back of the headquarters hotel. Further details of these schemes will be available to competitors closer to the date. However to secure their future usage competitors are asked to ensure they remove their vehicles by the stipulated times which are requests from the landowners and must be adhered to for the landowners' commercial requirements.

Scrutineering and noise test will be provided in the west of the city off the main M62/A63 feeder road into the city. Competitors will not be permitted to take trailers to the Quality Hotel Royal (rally headquarters) prior to the event. This also applies to competitors who are resident in the headquarters hotel.

The organisers have arranged a deal with the Quality Hotel Royal which is a three star hotel and will contain the awards presentation, and the Comfort Friendly Inn, a two star hotel situated across a road and next door but one to the Quality Hotel Royal. These two hotels belong to the same group. Details can be found on the enclosed booking forms which should be returned only to the addresses shown on them to secure these attractive rates on a first-come, first-served basis.

For those remaining behind on Saturday, Kingston upon Hull has seven museums, two shopping centres, and arguably the best art gallery in the North of England. Also the three star hotel has leisure facilities that are free to its guests.

Finally, the best of luck to all competitors on the day.

The Organisers

List of Officials

(Please do not telephone any of the Organisers after 10pm) Chrys Worboys, Mercury Radio
Club Stewards W. Troughear, R. K. Parkin, P. Griffiths
Clerk of the Course Ian James
East End House, Spaldington,
Goole, East Yorkshire, DN14 7NJ
(01430) 430570 (after 7pm)
Deputy Clerk of the Course and Chief Timekeeper David James (01262) 606420 (after 8pm)
Secretary of the Meeting Ian Sadofsky
16 Acorn Way, Tranby Park,
Hessle, HU13 0TB
(01482) 640808 (after 7pm)
Assistant Clerks of the Course Neil Fewlass (01482) 849925 (after 7pm)
Graham Hardwick (01759) 306706 (after 7pm)
Rob White (01262) 488252 (after 7pm)
Chief Marshal John Newlove
The Swallows, Main Street,
Sutton on Derwent, York, YO4 5BT
(01904) 608524
Assistant Chief Marshal Nick Stevens (01430) 441739 (after 7pm)
Area Coordinator (Hull) David Shipley
Safety Officer Robin Beagle
43 Woodlands Road,
Hull, HU5 5EF
(01482) 501265 (after 7pm)
Assistant Safety Officer Trevor Davies (01482) 847092 (after 7pm)
Entry Secretary Alan Carvell
20 Badgers Wood, Park Lane,
Cottingham, East Yorkshire, HU16 5ST
(01482) 840756
Assistant Entries Secretary Cynthia Mumby
address & telephone as Entries Secretary
Chief Scrutineer Jim Kilmartin MSA National A
BTRDA Series Scrutineer Kevin Lampitt MSA National B
Scrutineers Dave Cowie, Tom Watson
Environmental Scrutineer Ann Watson
Chief Medical Officer Dr John Lewis
Radio Controller
Driving Standards Observers David Shipley
Public Relations Officers David Shipley, Ian North
Press & Publicity John Woolley
Parc Ferme, 83 Cumbrian Way,
Lupsett Park, Wakefield, WF2 8JS
(01924) 384756; fax (01924) 375731
Results Tynemouth Computer Services


1998 Jimmy Paterson and Steve Harris Subaru Impreza
1997 Warren Philliskirk and Eurig Evans MG Metro 6R4
1996 Matthew Clark and Robert Dyson Escort Cosworth
1995 Brian Lyall and Neil Ewing Escort Cosworth
1994 Adrian Struthers and Graham Law Escort RS
1993 Steve Petch and Peter Croft Escort Cosworth
1992 Neil Hiorns and Paul Hirst Sierra
1991 Steve Bannister and Julie Stephenson Escort
1990 Nick Elliot and Dave Price Escort
1989 Steve Bannister and Dave Oldfield Escort
1988 Steve Bannister and Dave Oldfield Escort
1987 Steve Bannister and Dave Oldfield Escort

Rally Timetable

Wednesday 17th March 18:00 Entries payable by 2 instalments close (see SR11); Entries at standard fee close
Tuesday 23rd March 18:00 Entries at increased fee and management plate applications close
19:45 Final Instructions and route information posted to entries received by 18th March
Wednesday 24th March 19:45 Final Instructions and information to collect route information posted to entries received between 18th and 24th March
Friday 26th March 16:00 - 21:30 Noise/Scrutineering
16:00 - 22:00 Documentation
Saturday 27th March 08:31 First car starts
16:00 (approx) First car finishes
18:30 Provisional Results published at the Quality Hotel Royal, Hull (subject to official delay)
19:15 Awards Presentation at the Quality Hotel Royal, Hull (subject to official delay)


The North Humberside Motor Club Limited will organise a National B Permit Special Stage Rally on Saturday 27th March 1999. The event will start from the city centre, Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire.


The meeting will be held under the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association Limited (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these Supplementary Regulations and any written instructions that the Organisers may issue for the event.
This is a Target Timing event (GR K30).


MSA Permit number (tba) has been allocated.
DOE Authorisation number (tba) has been allocated.
Championship permit numbers are shown in SR6.


The event is open to:
a) Registered Contenders in the EMAMC Roadrunner Stage Rally Championship,
b) Registered Contenders in the Phoenix Awards ANEMMC Stage Rally Championship,
c) All fully elected members of the Organising Club,
d) All fully elected members of the following clubs:
Airedale & Pennine Motor Car Club, Alwoodley Motor Club, Beverley & District Motor Club Ltd., British Trials and Rally Drivers Association Ltd., De Lacy Motor Club Ltd., Dukeries Motor Club Ltd., Ilkley & District Motor Club, Keighley & District Motor Club, Lincolnshire Louth Motor Club Ltd., Malton Motor Club, Northallerton Automobile Club Ltd., Selby & District Motor Club, Sheffield & Hallamshire Motor Club, Slaithwaite Motor Club Ltd., South Bank Motor Club Ltd., the Sporting Escort Owners' Club, Trackrod Motor Club Ltd., Wakefield & District Motor Sport Club, Whitby & District Motor Club, York Motor Club Ltd, Yorkshire Sporting Car Club Ltd.


All competitors and drivers must produce a valid 1999 Competition Licence, Club Membership Card (GR K6.1.4(a)) and, where applicable, an Entrant's Licence, and Championship Registration Card(s).


The event is a round of the following Championships:
a) the BTRDA Rally Series incorporating the Peugeot Sport Gold Star Championship and the Clear System Solutions Silver Star Championship (Permit 99R 5350),
b) the EMAMC Roadrunner Stage Rally Championship (Waiver of Permit 99/W/R/041),
c) the Phoenix Awards ANEMMC Stage Rally Championship (Waiver of Permit tba).


The programme of the meeting will be:
Scrutineering will take place in Hull, starting at 4:00 p.m. on Friday 26th March 1999 and closing at 10:00 p.m. Individual times for scrutineering and the exact location of scrutineering will be notified in Final Instructions (GR K6.1). Any competitor not signed on one hour before his start time may be excluded. First car will start from Hull city centre at 8:31 a.m. and will finish in Hull city centre at approximately 4 p.m.
Results will be declared at the Quality Hotel Royal, Hull, where the awards presentation will also take place.


Cars will start at one minute intervals (GR K3.7) from the seeded list.
Ordnance Survey Map numbers 100, 101, 106, and 107 (1:50,000 scale) will be required.
The event will contain about 5 special stages with a total mileage of approximately 45 stage miles. In addition, the road route will consist of approximately 130 road miles on classified and unclassified roads.
The special stages will be timed to an accuracy of less than one minute in accordance with GR K30.2.
The stages will take the form of forestry tracks. Stage and route information will be enclosed with Final Instructions.
The Official Notice Board will be located at documentation until documentation closes and then at Rally HQ at the Quality Hotel Royal, 170 Ferensway, Hull (GR K3.14).


The event will consist of 11 classes as follows:

Formula 2 Category

To be eligible for classes N1, N2, N3, A5, A6, or A7 the vehicle must be currently in the General List of FIA homologated cars in Groups A or Group N, have no more than two driven wheels and be normally aspirated.
N1) Formula 2 Group N up to and including 1400 cc
N2) Formula 2 Group N over 1400 cc, up to and including 1600 cc
N3) Formula 2 Group N over 1600 cc, up to and including 2000 cc

A5) Formula 2 Group A up to and including 1400 cc
A6) Formula 2 Group A over 1400 cc, up to and including 1600 cc
A7) Formula 2 Group A over 1600 cc, up to and including 2000 cc

Open Category (cars not eligible for the above classes)

N4) Group N over 2000 cc
B9) Up to and including 1400 cc
B10) Over 1400 cc, up to and including 1600 cc
B11) Over 1600 cc, up to and including 2000 cc
B12) All vehicles over 2000 cc (other than vehicles eligible for class N4)

All forced induction engines (other than diesels) are subject to an additional capacity ratio of 1:1.7. Vehicles with turbo-chargers must comply with 1999 restrictor regulations.

There will also be a Novice Crew Category, although all competitors will compete for the same class awards. Competitors will be deemed to be of "Expert Status", unless they indicate on their entry and awards eligibility forms their eligibility for the Novice Crew category. (For the purpose of this rally, a novice will be defined as a crew of which the driver has not won an overall or class award on a previous NHMC Rally or any other National B or Restricted Status Rally whilst competing as a driver. Additionally, crews of which the driver has completed a National A (or National before 1993) or International Status Rally as a driver will be deemed to be Experts.
All vehicles must comply with MSA Technical Regulations. (GR E12, K37, Q, R2)
Limited slip differentials will be allowed. All cars competing in this rally must be taxed and insured for the public highway and must display a current tax disc applicable to that vehicle. (GR K37.9.1)


Awards will be made in the following order, (all named trophies will remain in the possession of the Organisers):
a) 1st overall Two Awards
b) 2nd overall Two Awards
c) 3rd overall Two Awards
d) 1st in each class Two Awards
e) 2nd in each class Two Awards
f) 3rd in each class Two Awards
g) 1st Novice (not winning any of the above) Two Awards
h) 2nd Novice (not winning any of the above) Two Awards
i) Highest placed registered Peugeot Sport Gold Star Crew Two BTRDA Goblets
j) Highest placed registered CLEAR System Solutions Silver Star Crew Two BTRDA Goblets
k) 1st Mixed Crew (subject to 5 entries) Two Awards
m) 1st All Lady Crew (subject to 5 entries) Two Awards
n) Team Award An Award
Teams of three cars may be specified at signing on or earlier to the Entries Secretary. A fee of £5 will be charged per team.
Additional awards may be specified in Final Instructions.
No competitor may win more than one award other than the Team or Marque awards.
All awards will be presented at the end of the event (subject to confirmation of the Final Results).

11. ENTRIES (Fees and Methods of Payment)

The entry opens and closes in accordance with the Rally Timetable. The entry fee is £255.00 for entries received up to 17th March 1999 and £305 for entries received after 17th March 1999. The entry fee includes one service pack per competing car. Management plates are available at £25.00 each, and must be ordered before the closing date for entries.
The entry fee may be paid either in full or by instalments as detailed below. No entries will be reserved or accepted by telephone. Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted. Cheques, postal orders, etc must be made payable to `North Humberside Forest Rally' and crossed. Post dated cheques and other like forms for deferring payment will not be accepted except as detailed below.
Methods of payment:
Scheme A Payment in Full to accompany entry form.
Scheme B Two Instalments:
One cheque for £50.00,
one cheque for the balance, post-dated for payment on or before 17th March 1999.
Both cheques to accompany entry form.
All entries must be made on the official entry form and accompanied by the appropriate fee. All entries will be acknowledged and all cheques, etc banked. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry. The Entrant, Driver and Co-Driver will be deemed jointly and severally liable for the payment of all fees. All cheques must be cleared before a competitor may start.
The entry fee is based on Forestry Commission Charges, MSA and DOE fees, Start and Finish Venue costs and VAT rates as at 1st February 1999. Should any of these be increased before the event, the Organisers reserve the right to increase the entry fee appropriately or reduce the competitive forestry mileage. Any such increase will be collected at signing-on but will be publicised in advance if possible (GR E3.1.5).
The order of starting will be at the Organisers' discretion, but to assist seeding, entrants should note their previous results on the entry form and place themselves into one of the following Seeding Classes:
1. Driver has been placed in the first 10 overall on an International Rally,
2. Driver has been placed in the first 5 overall on a National A Rally,
3. Driver has been placed 11th to 20th overall on an International Rally,
4. Driver has been placed 6th to 20th overall on a National A Rally,
5. Driver has been placed in the first 5 overall on a National B forest stages Rally,
6. Driver has been placed 21st to 35th overall on an International Rally,
7. Driver has been placed 21st to 35th overall on a National A Rally,
8. Driver has been placed 6th to 20th overall on a National B forest stages Rally,
9. Driver has been placed 21st to 35th overall on a National B forest stages Rally,
10. All other drivers.


All entries should be sent to the Entries Secretary whose address is detailed under `List of Officials' on page 2.

13.ENTRIES (Acceptance)

The maximum entry for the meeting is 180 (plus 20 reserves).
The minimum entry for the meeting is 120.
The maximum entry for each class is left open.
The minimum for each class is 10.
Should any of the above minimum figures not be reached the Organisers reserve the right either to cancel the meeting, amalgamate classes, or to reduce the competitive forestry mileage (GR E3.1.6).
Written acceptance of entry will be sent to the first 120 entries received. All other entries will be acknowledged and held in abeyance, but not accepted until after the closing date for entries. The 'held in abeyance' entries will be selected at the organisers' discretion; the organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry without giving a reason. It is likely that the entry will fill up quickly and it is entirely up to the competitor to submit his completed entry in good time. Final instructions will double as acceptance of 'held in abeyance' entries, unless notified as a reserve.

The seeded list will be final and not subject to protest. Cars will be seeded in two blocks, first Formula 2 Category cars (classes N1, N2, N3, A5, A6, A7), then Open Category cars (classes N4, B9, B10, B11, and B12). Within each block cars will be seeded in order of anticipated performance (GR K3.7, K24.2.3, GR K4.8). Formula 2 cars will be allocated even numbers; open category cars will be allocated odd numbers.
Entry Fees and other charges will be refunded in full to any entrant whose entry is not accepted or any entrant whose entry is cancelled, in writing to the Entry Secretary, on or before the closing date, subject to a reserve entry being available. Entries cancelled in writing to the Entry Secretary up to 17th March 1999 will have a charge of up to £25 deducted (GR E3.3.5). Withdrawals and non starters who fail to comply with the above timetable will receive a partial refund at the Organisers' discretion.


Officials are listed on page 2 of these Supplementary Regulations.


Provisional results will be published as soon as possible following the end of the event, subject to Official Delays (GR B13.1(b)), and will be displayed on the Official Notice Board in Rally HQ. The results service is being provided by Tynemouth Computer Services.


Any protest must be lodged in accordance with GR O5.


It is the responsibility of the entrants when presenting their cars for scrutiny to ensure compliance with the Road Traffic Act, Construction and Use Regulations, and MSA Technical Regulations (in particular Q and R). In addition to the above, the vehicles will be checked for general road-worthiness, suitability, eligibility and noise level. Persons accompanying vehicles at scrutineering will be deemed to have full knowledge of the vehicle, its systems and peculiarities to assist the scrutineer.
Competitors' attention is drawn to the regulations on overalls (GR Q9) and crash helmets (GR Q10).
Petrol will NOT be available at the scrutineering venue.
Competitors competing in classes N1, N2, N3, N4, A5, A6, and A7 must carry either Group A or BOTH Group A and Group N Homologation papers (as appropriate) for their car; these papers must be presented at scrutineering and at any other time during the event upon demand.
Competitors should note that specific checks will be made in respect of the following points:-
a) An MSA Log Book (GR K25.2),
b) A Current Taxation disc (GR K37.9.1),
c) In the case of a vehicle over 3 years old a current MOT certificate (GR K37.9.1),
d) A fire extinguisher system in compliance with GR Q3,
e) Roll over cage complying with GR Q1,
f) Windscreen of laminated type (GR K37.9.3),
g) An emergency red warning triangle (GR K37.8.8),
h) A mechanical hand brake in compliance with Road Traffic Act Regulations.
N.B. Vehicles bearing a cherished registration number or vehicles whose registration prefix letter could mean the vehicle is over 3 years of age should produce the Vehicle Registration Document and if necessary a current MOT certificate.
The noise test will be carried out in accordance with GR E12.17 (specifically E12.17.8 Section C (100dba at 0.5 metres)). A further noise check or checks may be made during the course of the event. Competitors exceeding the noise limit at any of these checks may be refused permission to start, refused permission to continue, excluded or eliminated from the results, as appropriate (GR K5.1.3).
Entrants will be issued with a Road Book, Route Card and Time Cards at least one hour before his/her start time. The supplementary information for special stages will take the form of tulip diagrams. The road book will provide all the information necessary to enable competitors to comply with GR K32.1 and GR K3.3.1.
Competitors may be required to make up lateness at rest halts.
Should any changes take place on special stages which may be at variance with the tulip diagram issued, then the correct route will be deemed to be that designated by the stage arrowing (GR K25.9). The onus is on the competitor to follow the stage arrowing correctly and no protests will be allowed on this point (GR K26.1).


This is a Target Timing Event. Crews must present themselves with their cars at all controls. All clocks will be set to BBC time. Special stage timing will be by digital clocks operated by marshals under the control of the MSA Timekeeper. All stages will have a bogey time indicated in the road book. Competitors are reminded that they must be ready to start a special stage when required to do so by the start marshal.

It is the competitor's responsibility to ensure that his times are correctly recorded on his time card and that the time card is handed in when and where instructed (GR K26.3.3).

The Rally will be divided into Road Sections and Special Stages. All controls other than Passage Controls (PCs) and Route Checks will be Time Controls (TCs). Each Road Section will be allocated a Target Time based on approximately 28 mph average or less (the target average speed, which may differ for different Road Sections) and a competitor can calculate his Due Time of arrival at any TC by adding this Target Time to his actual time of departing from the preceding TC.

On Short Road Sections following a Special Stage, three or four minutes extra will be allowed over the time calculated from the target average speed to account for any delays at the Special Stage Finish.
Competitors will receive penalties and accumulate lateness on Road Sections as follows:
i) Under Target Time. Penalty: 60 marks per minute under target Time.
Additional Lateness: zero.
ii) Target Time. Penalty: zero.
Additional Lateness: zero.
iii) Over Target Time. Penalty: zero.
Additional Lateness: 1 minute per minute over Target Time.
All Special Stages will have a Bogey Time set at 65 mph (or 75 mph if the stage is entirely on a sealed surface), and a Target Time set at approximately 30 mph (or less on short stages).

Competitors will receive penalties and accumulate lateness on Special Stages as follows:
i) Under Bogey Time. Penalty: Bogey Time.
Additional Lateness: Zero.
ii) Between Bogey Time and Target Time. Penalty: Actual time taken.
Additional Lateness: Zero.
iii) Over Target Time. Penalty: Target Time.
Additional Lateness: 1 minute per minute over Target Time
Lateness lost on Road Sections and Special Stages is cumulative and once lost cannot be regained. When a competitor's accumulated lateness calculated from the previous Main Control exceeds the permitted maximum of 20 minutes, that competitor will be eliminated from the results. Should any recorded times not be legible or not appear authentic, the Organisers may use any means at their disposal to establish a time (GR K26.3.4).

At all controls (other than stage finishes) a competitor who is early may wait for his Due Time outside the Control Area (GR K29.3).

The following titles shall describe the various types of controls:

Time Control (TC)

A Time Control may be situated at any specified point. Main Control (MC) Main Controls will be situated at the Start and Finish of the Rally, immediately before and after any Rest Halt, or at any other specified point. At an MC after a Rest Halt, competitors will restart at one minute intervals, either in number order, or in the order in which they passed through a control prior to the halt. The method to be used will be notified in an official instruction and, if the order of passing through a control prior to a halt is to be used, the control will be specified in an official instruction. Each competitor will be given a due starting time from any MC and the difference between this and the actual starting time will be counted towards elimination from the results for overall lateness. Also a time penalty will be applied. Competitors not eliminated from the results by reason of having accumulated more than the maximum permitted lateness will restart (subject to the provisions above) from any MC with zero lateness, i.e. lateness is only accumulated between two adjacent MCs.

Regrouping Control (RG)

A Regrouping Control may be situated at any specified point. Competitors will restart from the RC at one minute intervals in the order of their arrival at the TC immediately preceding the RC. Each competitor will be given a due starting time from an RC and the difference between this time and his actual starting time will be counted towards elimination from the results for overall lateness. Accumulated lateness cannot be reduced at an RC (that is, accumulated lateness is NOT reset to zero at an RC).

Special Stage Arrival Control (SSA)

On arrival at an SSA a competitor will receive an arrival time only when he is ready to start the stage. At the SSA a competitor will be given a start time for the stage in hours and minutes. Once a competitor has clocked in at an SSA the arrival marshal will assume the competitor is ready to start the stage and will issue a time as soon as the start line is clear, whether the competitor is ready to start or not. The competitor must then proceed immediately to the start line.

Special Stage Start Control (SSS)

The start marshal will inform the competitor at 30 seconds to go, 15 seconds, 10 seconds and at 5 seconds will hold a flag ahead of the driver. He will raise the flag at zero. The raising of the flag will be the signal to start (GR K25.12). As each section is timed separately, the time taken from SSA to SSS is `dead time' and delays are automatically allowed for. The area between the beginning of the SSA Control Area and the Stage Start will be `Parc Ferme'.

Special Stage Finish Control (SSF)

At the SSF the competitor will receive a finish time in hours, minutes and seconds. This time, in hours and minutes, will be the start time for the following Road Section. Any competitor who fails to stop at the `Stop' line must not, under pain of exclusion or elimination from the results, reverse to the stop line, but must return on foot (SR20(c)).

Service Area (SV)

All service areas will have `IN' and `OUT' Time Controls and a target time will be specified between these controls. The section between SV `IN' and SV `OUT' will be marked as a road section.

Passage Control (PC)

At certain points indicated in the Road Book the Organisers may establish PCs in order to collect time cards from competitors or for other purposes. There will be no official times recorded at these controls, but a competitor failing to provide the necessary documents at any PC will be deemed not to have visited that control.


Formula Two category competitors will be identified by even competition numbers (i.e. 2, 4, 6, etc); Open category competitors will be identified by odd competition numbers (i.e. 1, 3, 5, etc). The Organisers will issue rally plates to be fixed to the front and rear of the vehicle. In addition, competitors must display any advertising material specified by the Organisers on both front doors of the car. Rally plates relating to previous events must be removed prior to scrutineering. Competitors are reminded that these identification markings must be kept clean and legible throughout the event and must be removed or covered after the event or upon retirement (GR K10.1).


See GR K31 which is amended as follows:
r) Failure to follow the instructions of an official 10 mins
s) Further breaches of b), c), d), e), k), l), m), or n) Elimination from results
t) Repeated misbehaviour of service crew Elimination from results
v) Misuse of SOS and/or OK boards Report to MSA
w) Unauthorised testing or practising Start refused - no refund of entry fee - report to MSA
x) Causing an obstruction Exclusion


All other General Regulations of the MSA apply as written except for the following which are modified:
GR E7.1.3 Competitors may be members of more than one team. (SR10)
GR K9.1.3 Only the first named driver may drive during the event.
GR K24.2.8 For the purposes of determining the notional time to be given to a crew who has not been able to cover a stage in the normal manner due to the running of a Special Stage being stopped, the two categories of vehicles in the rally will be treated as separate events.
The notional time for competitors in Classes N1, N2, N3, A5, A6, and A7 will correspond to the slowest time set by a competitor in one of these six classes, up to the moment of interruption.
The notional time for competitors in Classes N4, B9, B10, B11, and B12 will correspond to the slowest time set by a competitor in one of these five classes, up to the moment of interruption.
If, in the case of either category, it appears that the slowest time represents a complete anomaly, the next slowest time may be retained (and so on until the 5th slowest time).
However, no crew which is totally or partially responsible for stopping a stage may benefit from this measure. If they finish the stage they will be given the time which they actually set even if this is greater than the time awarded to other crews.
GR K30.6 The Organisers reserve the right to require competitors to absorb all or part of their lateness at controls which will be designated in the road book or indicated by an official instruction and in accordance with SR18.
GR K34.1
GR K34.1.1
Servicing will only be permitted in accordance with SR24. No other servicing is allowed and Judges of Fact will be appointed to enforce this. To assist competitors, a service schedule will be issued with Final Instructions.


All vehicles must carry a Red SOS/OK Card and in the event of an accident where urgent medical assistance is required, the card should be displayed so as to show the Red SOS to the following competitors. In the event of an incident where urgent medical assistance is not required, the card should be displayed so as to show the OK to following competitors. Any competitor seeing either a Red SOS or an OK card should report the fact to the stage stop line marshals. The penalty for misuse of this card is elimination from the results as in GR K25.5, SR20(v). Any crew who are delayed due to assisting at the scene of an accident should report the fact to the Organisers who reserve the right to grant a time allowance, at their discretion, if they are satisfied that the claim is bona fide.


The possession of pace notes as defined in GR K25.13 by any competitor during the course of the rally, whether the pace notes relate to this event or not, is not allowed. The marking on any maps of additional information other than the route and any safety information issued by the Organisers for this event shall be deemed to be pace notes.


1. Servicing is defined as work carried out on the car by any person other than the competing crew, or the use of parts or tools not carried in the competing car. Two categories of support vehicle will be permitted: Service Vehicles and Management Vehicles (SR24.4). Any person travelling in a Service Vehicle is `Service Crew'; any person travelling in a Management Vehicle is `Management Personnel'.
2. All servicing work carried out and the carrying of fuel in Service Vehicles must comply with current Health and Safety Executive recommendations.
3. There will be Service Areas at strategic points where work may be carried out by the Service Crew or Management Personnel on the competing car. These will only be accessible to Competitors and Service/Management Vehicles bearing Official Plates.
No other areas may be used by Service Vehicles, which are required to follow a prescribed route to the Service Areas. All other areas will be Out of Bounds to Service Crews and vehicles.
4. Emergency Service will be permitted in designated areas at the end of some Special Stages, from Management Vehicles bearing the appropriate Management Plate. These plates may only be used on conventional saloon cars or their estate car derivatives, and are subject to approval by the Organisers.
Roof racks are not permitted. These vehicles must follow the route specified by the Organisers in the Management Vehicle Pack, which will specify sections of the rally route which are Out of Bounds to Management Vehicles. The organisers reserve the right to restrict or refuse any application for additional packs. Management packs will contain a copy of the Competitor's Road Book together with a details of the management route defined by descriptive text and map extracts.
5. Competitors may work unassisted on their own cars in `Non Service Areas' except:
(i) within 100 metres of any control,
(ii) between Special Stage Arrival and Special Stage Start controls, and
(iii) in any Parc Ferme.
The only activity permitted in these areas is, with the permission of an event Official, to carry out the following work unassisted:
(a) Replace a wheel with a flat tyre by a wheel and tyre carried in the competing car,
(b) Clean lamp glasses, windscreen, windows, competition numbers, and vehicle registration numbers.
6. Service Crews and Management Personnel are subject to the same regulations as competitors regarding noise, bad driving manners, etc. Officials and Marshals have been instructed to note any infringements of these rules.
7. Competitors are responsible for ensuring that their Service Crews and Management Personnel understand and comply with these regulations and that their Service vehicle(s) and Management Vehicle(s) bear an Official Plate showing the Competitor's Rally Number. This plate must be fixed to the front of each Service or Management Vehicle and clearly visible at all times. Each service/management pack will contain only one Official Plate. The Competitor will be required to complete a Service/Management Vehicle Registration Form before the pack is issued. Transferring a plate to a vehicle which has not been registered is an offence, and may be penalised under K34.
8. A competitor receiving assistance contrary to these SRs will be penalised in accordance with K31(n).
Any Competitor whose Service or Management Vehicle is observed in an Out of Bounds area will be penalised by Exclusion from the results.


Competitors will be required to complete and sign a report declaring they have not been involved in any incident resulting in damage to private property or injury to persons or animals, or alternatively giving details of any such incident where damage or injury has occurred. Any information given will not incur a penalty but failure to hand in a duly completed form will mean Elimination from the results. Competitors who retire on a stage should give their completed damage declaration form to the first Course Closing Car. Other competitors who do not report to the Finish are required to forward the report to the Secretary of the Meeting within 48 hours of the event, unless they have been involved in an incident in which case details must be given to the Organisers that same day. Competitors failing to comply will be reported to the MSA and eliminated from the results (GR K35.4 and K31(p)). During the event, the Secretary of the Meeting may be contacted at Rally HQ whose telephone number will be given in Final Instructions.


Under GR C11.2 and GR K24.2.11 the following facts will be judged by officials as specified:
Failure to comply with GR K25.9 & GR K25.9.2 All officials & stage marshals
False starts on a stage All stage start marshals
Failure to comply with GR K25.9.1 All stage finish marshals
Unauthorised possession of pace notes All marshals and officials
Unauthorised servicing All officials & Judges of Fact named for that purpose
Unauthorised smoking All stage marshals and officials
Excessive noise Noise test marshals & Judges of Fact named for that purpose
Crash helmet, seat belt and overalls regulations All stage marshals and officials
Misuse of Red Cross/OK cards All stage marshals and officials
Depositing of litter All marshals and officials
Note that the proven depositing of litter by a service crew will result in the elimination from the results of the associated competing car or cars.
MSA Scrutineers are Judges of Fact in respect of Vehicle Eligibility (GR C11.3) Your attention is drawn to the fact that it is the intention of the organisers strictly to enforce the MSA Requirements regarding advertising and noise (SR17). In particular, excessive noise and backfiring will be monitored very closely throughout the event. The organisers will appoint Judges of Fact to adjudicate on any instances of instantaneous factual occurrences or any abnormal sound levels. They will then report their findings to the Chief Scrutineer who will advise the Clerk of the Course who will apply the appropriate penalty. Competitors should pay particular heed to GR C11 and C12.2.


Officials will be appointed to judge driving standards GR K24.2.12. Driving Standards Observers will have the powers listed in GR K24.2.12 and they will have the power to instruct competitors to withdraw from the event (GR C13.3).


Should it be necessary to cancel the event due to legal requirements or other unforseen circumstances, the exact amount of refund will be determined by the actual administration expenses incurred. The Organisers are not liable for any further consequential losses incurred by prospective competitors because of event cancellation (GR B16).


Should it be necessary to cancel a stage during the rally, or to delete a stage from the results of the event, only the stage penalties will be cancelled. Unless a competitor has received written instructions to the contrary and has signed to that effect, the cancelled stage must be traversed within the Target Time. A competitor who exceeds Target Time on such a stage will have the excess time debited to his accumulated lateness. Any competitor who does not have a time recorded at the start or finish of a cancelled stage will be eliminated from the results (SR20(a)).


The Club has applied to Bowring Motor Sport for a Blanket Certificate of Insurance under the Bowring Rally Scheme to provide to those Competitors who need to use the Scheme to obtain Third Party Cover to meet RTA requirements on the Road Sections of the Event. The Basic Rate for the Event (before any loadings) is £12.50 inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax. Existing holders of NES Letters of Acceptance must produce their Letter of Acceptance at pre-start administration. Ensure that your address on the Letter of Acceptance is up to date.
New applicants wishing to use the Scheme should apply to the Club for a Proposal form when submitting their entry and ensure that this is returned in sufficient time to enable the Club to send it to Bowring Motor Sport for processing at least 14 days before the Event (21 days in the case of drivers not resident in the UK). The processed Letters of Acceptance will be given to drivers, and premium collected, at pre-rally administration. Ensure that the form is fully completed and signed or issue of the Letter of Acceptance may not be possible in time.
Please note in your own interest:
1) this timetable must be complied with,
2) Bowring cannot deal with drivers direct. Single proposals received direct and/or without a covering letter from the organising club may be returned for correct submission.
3) use of fax transmission for this Scheme is not permitted by Insurers.

Spaces have been left on the entry form for the Policy number, name and address of the vehicle's insurers for the period of the event, for those competitors not using Bowring Insurance.
These spaces must be completed if applicable.

It is the competitor's responsibility to determine the suitability of any insurance that they are proposing to use for the event with particular reference to current personal and vehicle details.


A) Service and management vehicles will not be permitted on live stages.
B) Special rates for accommodation have been negotiated with Friendly Hotels plc at the Quality Hotel Royal, the Comfort Friendly Inn, and other hotels in Hull. Three star accommodation will be at a rate of £30.00 per person for bed and breakfast, two star accommodation will be at a rate of £27.50 per person for bed and breakfast. All accommodation bookings should be made on the enclosed booking forms, and all communication should be with the Quality Hotel Royal or Comfort Friendly Inn as detailed on the booking forms.
In order to help generate support from marshals we are making provision for every marshal to receive a memento of the rally. We should very much appreciate your help in this important area, and we ask you to consider purchasing the "Smiley Stickers" either in advance (via the entry form) or on the day at documentation.
You will be given one sticker for every £5 donated and these should be fixed to the co-driver's side of the windscreen so that the marshals can thank you personally for your generosity.


The Organisers extend votes of thanks to:-


Throughout the year, North Humberside Motor Club Limited promotes stage rallies, many autotests and a production car trial. NHMC is a member of three regional associations: ANCC, ANEMMC and EMAMC. We have a membership in excess of one hundred and fifty. We are keen to meet others interested in all aspects of motor sport as well as offering our help to other clubs with events they may be organising. Further details can be obtained from any of the officials listed in these regulations. A membership application form is included in these regulations.


The BTRDA Rally Series Championship Liaison Officers are Howard Wilcock, 20 Redwood, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7UL, telephone 0115 914 9356, fax 0115 914 9357, email, and Andy Bull, 26 Granary Road, Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 3QH, telephone (01527) 835476.
The EMAMC Roadrunner Stage Rally Championship Liaison Officer is Donna Bradley, 2 The Cottage, Shire Lane, Sutton Scarsdale, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S44 5SX, telephone 01246 854636, fax 01246 859055 email
The Phoenix Awards ANEMMC Stage Rally Championship Liaison Officer is John Hicklin, 16 Phillip Avenue, Nuthall, Nottingham, NG16 1EA, telephone 0115 938 4601.

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