BTRDA Rally Series 1999

Competitors Bulletin No 3 - March 1999

Maximum points on the Malcolm Wilson Rally give John Thompson the lead in the Clear System Solutions Silver Star Championship after two rounds, although both Shaun Gardener and defending champion Theo Bengry are breathing down his neck! Meanwhile Phil Morgan holds the upper hand in the Peugeot Sport Gold Star Championship but mention must also be made of Martin Meadows who took maximum points in the category on the Malcolm Wilson in his Proton Compact - the 1600cc example showing all the 2-litre cars the way home in the Lake District

Much had been made in the national news of the E-coli outbreak in Cockermouth during the week before the Malcolm Wilson Rally invaded the town. However, it is a well known fact that very few rally drivers would admit to drinking milk - the cause of the problem - and, consequently, it appears that they all managed to steer clear of any infection! ...

This time of year is always very busy for anyone involved with the BTRDA Series - the regulations for both the third and fourth rounds are already out and prospective competitors should contact the relevant Entries Secretary without delay!

North Humberside Forest Rally - Saturday 27th March
Entries Secretary: Alan Carvell - Tel: 01482 840756

Somerset Stages Rally - Saturday 17th April
Entries Secrtary: George Mullins Sr - Tel: 01749 673503

'How would you like to see the BTRDA Rally Series progress into the next millenium?' is a question that has been concerning the Rallies Committee and, to that end, over the next few rounds various members are to undertake a Competitor Survey. It's your views that they are interested in - it's obvious from the number of registrations that the BTRDA Series is hugely popular and it is our avowed intent to keep it that way. Should you be canvessed for your opinions at some time over the next few weeks, please give reasoned replies to the questions asked and we'll be interested to see what they bring forth.

Mindful of the sterling work that all Rescue Units perform on events, the BTRDA Rallies Committe has recently allocated sums of money from their Safety Fund to both Calder Rescue & DRR Motorsport rescue for items of equipment, including a Millenium spine board and a crash frame.

Mintex Bonus Awards

The winners on the Malcolm Wilson Rally each receive a set of Mintex competition brake pads supplied by Alan brown @ Questmead (Tel: 01706 860088) who attends all BTRDA events.
Class A5 Rupert Hopcraft Chris Tooze
Class A6 Martin Meadows Tim Hookway
Class A7 Stuart Cheape Richard Welford

Dunlop Bonus Awards

The winners of the Dunlop Bonus awards on the Malcolm Wilson Rally were:
Class N4 £100 Rod Menzies  
Class B12 £100 Peter Woodhead £50 Simon Crook

Peugeot Bonus Awards

The winners of the Peugeot Bonus Awards on the Malcolm Wilson Rally were:
Peugeot 106 Peugeot 306
£150 Nick Pollitt £150 Phil Morgan
£75 Les Allfrey £75 Stuart Cheape
£25 Chris Tooze £25 Richard Welford

Silkolene Bonus Awards

The winners of the Silkolene Bonus Awards on the Malcolm Wilson Rally were:
Class N2 Carl Poscha  
Class A7 Phil Morgan Stuart Cheape
Class B12 John Thompson Shaun Gardener

These official Bulletins, along with full Championship points tables, will be issued after each round of the BTRDA Rally Series. Any queries relating to them must be addressed to Howard Wilcock, at the address at the top of this bulletin, within seven days of receipt.

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