Trackrod Rally Yorkshire 2000

Outline Timetable

1st August
Entries open
13th September
Entries close at Standard Fee
20th September
Entries close finally (with additional late fee)
22nd September
If ordered - Roadbook, Service & Management packs despatched by carrier
25th September
Final Instructions posted
29th September 14:00 to 21:00
Noise Check, Scrutineering, and Documentation
30th September 08:01
Historic Rally commences
30th September 09:31
First National A Rally Car commences
30th September 14:15 approx
First Historic Cup car finishes
30th September 16:30 approx
Trackrod Historic Cup Presentation of Awards
30th September 16:45 approx
First Clubmans Trophy car finishes
30th September 18:00 approx
First Trackrod Rally Yorkshire car finishes
30th September 21:30
Star Cabaret
30th September 22:00
Video & Presentation of Awards
30th September 23:00
Rally Party commences
Further information from: Nicola Sanderson, Entries Secretary, Trackrod Rally Yorkshire 2000, 37 Poplar Avenue, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS22 7RA, United Kingdom
Telephone & Fax: +44 1937 587508

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