North Humberside Forest Rally 2001

12th June 2001 - Rally cancelled

It has become apparent today, 12 June 2001, that the F&M cases at Westerdale, Whitby, North Yorkshire have effectively ended any possibility of North Humberside Motor Club being able to run its Forest Rally (which was originally scheduled for March 31) on July 14. The event has therefore been cancelled for 2001. There are no plans to run later in the year. The event was a round of the BTRDA Rally Series and three regional championships: the Competition Car Insurance East Midlands Stage Rally Championship, the ANEMMC Phoenix Awards Stage Rally Championship, the Kent Cams ANCC Northern Stage Rally Championship.

The infected area (IA) as a result of the Westerdale F&M cluster extends into Cropton forest.

Clerk of Course Ian James commented "The MSA Council meeting last Thursday lifted the blanket ban on permits for events running in National Parks. Before that the North York Moors National Park Authority and the Forest Enterprise were both making sympathetic noises. The previous IA at Ruswarp that had caused us to redesign our route in Langdale had been lifted and the organisers had amended the road route to avoid all unfenced roads. On Friday the first case at Westerdale was confirmed. We were not using Cropton and so our route avoided the entire IA. However, the National Park Authority has indicated to us today that they believe public opinion within the National Park would not accept the event running. Whilst commiserating with those residents whose livelihood has been affected by F&M the organisers, who have tried to amend their route to satisfy all requirements, are bitterly disappointed."

"We shall have to turn our attention now to 2002, when we should be back at our normal time of year running on 6 April 2002" Ian James said, adding "at least we have an event on paper still for 2002".

4 June 2001 - Entries are NOT open

Please note that we do not yet have all the necessary permissions to run the North Humberside Forest Rally on 14th July, and whilst we are still hopeful that we will be able to run on that date this is by no means certain.

The Entries Secretary has started receiving "Entries" again on the Entry Forms for the first attempt to run the event on 31st March.

These "Entries" are not valid, and will NOT give the "entrants" any priority when (and if) entries open for the event on 14th July.

Once (if) a decision to run has been made we shall mail new Entry Forms to registered contenders in the championships of which the event is a round, to those who entered in 2000, and to those who entered for the 31st March 2001 event.

The decision to run or not run will also be announced on the event's website and in newsgroups.

Please do not send further "Entries" until we have announced that the event will run and circulated new Entry Forms. If the event does not run we shall be put to further expense in returning these invalid "Entries" and that is something the organising club can ill afford!

Rally postponed due to Foot and Mouth disease

1st March 2001

It became apparent late yesterday evening, Wednesday 28th, that the Forestry Commission were going to be forced to withdraw permission for the North Humberside Forest Rally (the third round of the 2001 BTRDA Rally Series) to run on 31 March which they have formally done today.

The Clerk of the Course, Ian James, has been in discussion with various parties: the Forestry Commission, the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, Scarborough Council, etc, with a view to running the event in July, probably on Saturday 14 July if everything falls into place.

Were we to be able to run in the summer it is apparent that this could only be as a strict one-off and not a permanent date.

All competitors will be given a full refund, and we will keep you posted as and when things develop.

The third round of the 2001 BTRDA Rally Series: A National 'B' permit special stage rally organised by North Humberside Motor Club Ltd comprising 45 stage miles (7 Special Stages) and 135 miles of linking public roads in North Yorkshire.
This event is also a round of

Rally Headquarters: Jarvis International Hotel, Willerby

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