The Sea King Stages (Leconfield) 2001


Note that the printed copy of the Regulations is definitive.


List of Officials
1. Announcement
2. Jurisdiction
3. Authorisation
4. Eligibility
5. Licences
6. Championships
7. Programme
8. Tyres
9. Classes
10. Scrutiny
11. Noise
12. Awards
13. Presentation of Awards
14. Results
15. Protests
16. Entries
17. Identification
18. Documentation
19. Shortcutting
20. Penalties
21. Timing
22. Notices
23. Controversy
24. Stage Start Procedure
25. Judges of Fact
26. Safety
27. Servicing
28. Pace Notes
29. Final Instructions
30. Official Video
31. Refreshments


Welcome to our 2001 Single Venue Stages Rally, The Sea King Stages (Leconfield) at Normandy Barracks, Leconfield. This is the first year that the venue has been available to motor sport after several years of unavailability. The site has seen major redevelopment since it was last used for motorsport in the mid-nineties and is almost unrecognisable from the events run by both organising clubs in the late eighties. The newly resurfaced roads will surely be a welcome change to those who consider themselves 'Tarmac' specialists.

Entry is open to members of member clubs of three Regional Associations: ANCC, ANEMMC, and EMAMC. We will not be accepting entries after the closing date and we will be offering an easy payment method to assist competitors.

The event will be 100% sealed surfaces which are extremely good quality tarmac. The entry will be restricted to 90 starters and we have classes for Historic and Post Historic rally cars as per K37.12.

There will be toilets and catering facilities on the venue throughout the event.

We do not wish to jeopardise use of this venue through excessive noise and we remind you that no noisy cars will be allowed to start the event. MSA noise levels will be strictly enforced throughout the event. We thank you for your help with this problem and we ask that you pay particular attention to the reference to backfiring in paragraph 10 of these regulations.

The organising team look forward to meeting you and hope that you have a very enjoyable and safe days motor sport.

David James
Clerk of the Course

Steve Smith
Secretary of the Meeting


Normandy Barracks, Leconfield
Local Police and Councils
All Rescue and Recovery Services
Marshals and Volunteer Helpers
You, the competitor.


David James
Flat 8
37 Lamplugh Road
Bridlington, East Yorkshire
YO15 2JU
01262 606420
[email protected]
Steve Smith
PO Box 100
West Yorkshire
WF10 3YU
01977 550497
[email protected]
Steve Smith
(as above)
Libby Coggins
4 Stillwell Drive
Sandal, Wakefield
01924 257290
[email protected]
MSA StewardRoy Brader
Club StewardsJohn Arnold, Derek Slater
Assistant Clerks of the CourseGavin Heseltine, Chris Walker
Safety OfficerChris Walker
Safety AdviserRobin Beagle
Rescue UnitOmega Rescue
Recovery UnitBurr Bank Recovery
Chief Medical OfficerDr. Richard Watson
Chief ScrutineerDave Cowie
Chief TimekeeperIan James
Sound Test OfficialPete Sowray
Radio ControllerMartyn Milner
Results ServiceT.C.S.


The Wakefield & District Motor Sports Club Ltd. and the North Humberside Motor Club Ltd. will promote a National B permit, Multi-use Stage Rally at Normandy Barracks, Leconfield, East Yorkshire on Sunday 19th August 2001.


The event will be held under the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association Ltd (incorporating the Provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these Supplementary Regulations and any written instructions that the organisers may issue for the event.


MSA permit number: 8343.


The event is open to:
(i) All fully elected members of Wakefield & District Motor Sports Club Ltd.,
(ii) All fully elected members of North Humberside Motor Club Ltd.,
(iii) All members of member clubs of ANCC, ANEMMC, and EMAMC.


All competitors must produce a valid Club membership card, valid competition licence (K.7.1) an MSA log book, a current MOT certificate and Vehicle Registration Document (K.37.9.1) where appropriate and an entrants licence if applicable. Historic and Post Historic Entrants will be required to produce their MSA or FIA Historic or Post Historic Vehicle Identity Form at scrutiny.


The event is a round of the Kent Cams ANCC Northern Stage Rally Championship (Waiver of Permit 2001/047).


Scrutineering (SR 10) starts at 06.30 hours on Sunday 19th August. Competing cars not signed on 1 hour before their due start time may be excluded. First car will start at 09.00 hours.
The event will consist of a minimum of 6 stages and a maximum of 10 with a total mileage of approximately 60 stage miles. Competitors will start some stages at 30-second intervals (K.26.5) and all stages will be timed to an accuracy of less than 1 minute (K.17.8.1). Pace notes are NOT permitted; information provided by the organisers may be transferred onto maps/stage diagrams. (K.25.13) [SR 28].


All cars must comply with the MSA tyre regulations for rallies with special stages.


Modern Cars:
1) Cars up to 1300cc
2) Cars from 1300cc to 1600cc
3) Cars from 1600cc to 2000cc
4) Cars from 2000cc and over.
5) All four wheel drive cars.

Historic Rally Cars pre 1/1/1960
A1) Cars up to 1200cc
A2) Cars from 1200cc to 1500cc.
A3) Cars from 1500cc and over.

Historic Rally Cars from 1/1/1960 to 31/12/1967
B1) Cars up to 1000cc.
B2) Cars from 1000cc to 1300cc.
B3) Cars from 1300cc to 1600cc.
B4) Cars from 1600cc. to 2000cc.
B5) Cars from 2000cc to 2500cc.
B6) Cars from 2500cc and over.

Post Historic Rally Cars from 1/1/1968 to 31/12/1974
C1) Cars up to 1600cc.
C2) Cars from 1600cc and over.

Engines using forced induction will have the cc increased by the ratio of 1.7:1 (E.12.4.1)

All vehicles must comply with MSA Technical Regulations. In addition, historic and post historic rally cars must comply with the technical regulations for Historic Special Stage Rallies (K 37.10 to K 37.16.5).


Scrutineering and noise check will be located at Normandy Barracks, Leconfield and individual scrutineering times will be notified in the Final Instructions (K.6.1.) It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure compliance with the current Road Traffic Act, Construction and Use Regulations and MSA Technical Regulations E12 and K37. Vehicles will also be checked for general roadworthiness, suitability and eligibility.
In order to preserve the venue and reduce complaints, the organisers in conjunction with the Landowners have found it necessary to impose the following restrictions:
"Any vehicle which constantly backfires may be excluded from the event at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course. If any vehicle is fitted with a device which causes backfiring it must be disabled at all times".
Judges of Fact will be appointed to monitor competitors throughout the day.
Cars do not require a road fund licence, but if the vehicle is not taxed then the Vehicle's Registration Document and Valid MOT Certificate must be produced at scrutiny (K.37.9.1). Limited slip differentials WILL be allowed.


The sound test at scrutiny will be carried out in accordance with E 12.17, 100dbA @ 4500rpm at 0.5m. Further sound checks will be made during the event. Competitors exceeding the sound limit at any one of these checks may be excluded.


  1st Overall Awards to both crew members
  2nd Overall Awards to both crew members
  3rd Overall Awards to both crew members
  1st in each class Awards to both crew members
* 2nd in each class Awards to both crew members
** 3rd in each class Awards to both crew members

* Subject to a minimum of 5 starters in the class
** Subject to a minimum of 10 starters in the class



The awards will be presented on the airfield following the event, any award winning crew must be present to receive their award, otherwise the award may be withheld but without effecting the final result.


Tynemouth Computer Services (TCS) will provide a comprehensive computerised results service. Provisional results will be posted on the Official Notice Board as soon as possible following the end of the event (B13).


Any protest must be lodged in accordance with O.5.


Entries open on the publication of these regulations and close (at normal rates) on Friday 10th August 2001, the entry fee is £150.00, which includes £5 towards the marshals' fund. The organisers are aware of financial difficulties some competitors may face, and will accept payment by a post-dated cheque for payment not later than 10th August. Any competitor whose cheque bounces will be reported to the MSA. Entries made after Friday 10th August 2001 and before Wednesday 15th August 2001 will be required to pay an extra £20 by cash only on the day of the event. These later entries will not receive any final instructions in the post but will be notified by phone. The finals must be collected from signing on and these entries will not appear on the entry list. No entries or reservations will be made by telephone and incomplete entry forms will not be accepted.

Send your completed entries to:

Steve Smith, PO Box 100, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 3YU.

Please make cheques payable to: Sea King Stages.

The maximum entry is 90 plus 10 reserves, the minimum is 60. Classes are subject to a minimum of 5 with no maximum.
Should any of the above minimums not be reached, the organisers may cancel the event or amalgamate classes. Should permission for use of the venue be withdrawn, the organisers reserve the right to cancel the meeting. Entries will ONLY be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Entry fees and any other charges will be refunded in full to any entrant whose entry is not accepted or whose entry is cancelled, in writing, on or before the closing date. Entries cancelling after Wednesday 15th August 2001 may receive a partial refund at the organisers' discretion. The entry fee is based on charges and VAT at 01.01.01, should these increase, the organisers reserve the right to increase the entry fee for collection at signing on.


Cars will be identified by Rally Plates supplied by the organisers and by competition numbers in accordance with E.12.3.11 & K.10. Competition numbers will be supplied free of charge by the organisers.


Entrants will be supplied with time cards and stage diagrams (Sketch maps) on completion of documentation. The documents will provide all the information necessary to comply with K.26.1 and K.26.1.1. Competitors will be supplied with sketch plans of each stage, which will not be to scale. Arrows, chicane diagram boards and numbered locations will physically define the correct route. The onus is on the competitor to follow the correct route at all times: if there should be any conflict between the arrowed route and that shown on the stage plan, the arrowed route shall be deemed to be correct. Before, during and after the event official notices may be displayed on the Official Notice Board and every competitor will be deemed to have read those notices and be bound by them. The location of the Official Notice Board will be notified in the Final Instructions. (H.2.2.16)


Short Cutting is defined as follows:
"The placing of a competing vehicle such that one or more road wheels come into contact with cultivated grass at either side of the stage access road or driving off the otherwise defined stage route or access road, i.e. through straw bales or road cones or other like barriers, and in doing so to drive a course that is not as the organisers intended whether the course is longer or shorter than the intended route and irrespective of whether any gain was made".
This definition covers the entire venue from the arrival of the first competitor to the departure of the last.



Marking and penalties will be as written in K31 except as modified below.
Completing fewer than the required laps Maximum
Completing more than the required laps Time taken
Making a false start at a special stage: first time 15 seconds
Making a false start at a special stage: second and subsequent times 1 minute
Reversing back or turning round and returning to a split Exclusion
Reversing after passing a stop line Exclusion
Intentionally causing an obstruction on the event Exclusion
Failure to wear Crash Helmets or seatbelts on special stages Exclusion
Smoking on a special stage Exclusion
Not being seated in the car when on a special stage Exclusion
Misuse of the SOS/OK signs Exclusion
Having an unarmed fire extinguisher while on a special stage Exclusion
Any competitor or service vehicle exceeding 15 mph other then whilst competing on a Special Stage Exclusion
Leaving the venue after documentation and before completion of, or retirement from, the event Exclusion
Depositing of litter anywhere other than in the bins provided Exclusion
The use or possession of any pace notes Exclusion
Making a mark on a time card, except where specifically allowed Exclusion
Making excessive sound other than when driving on a special stage Exclusion
Competitors or service crew anywhere other than where instructed Exclusion
Excessive backfiring (see SR 10) Exclusion

Competitors who strike stage boards, cones, bales, barrier tape, tyres or any other stage furniture which define splits, merges & chicanes will receive a penalty of:
30 seconds per incident.
Shortcutting as defined in SR19 will result in a penalty of:
30 seconds per incident.


The event is a target-timed event (K30) comprising main time controls, arrival controls, stage start/finish controls and passage controls. Apart from due time at Arrival Time Control 1 (MTC 1), all other due times for subsequent arrival controls will be issued at the passage control (Time Card Collection) following each stage finish control. The organisers will automatically calculate any stage delay times.
Competitors will be required to reduce any lateness as per (K30.6). In the event of any retirements, competitors will be required to close gaps in the running order.
Controls will open at the due time of car 1 and close 5 minutes after the due time of the last competing car. Competitors reporting to a stage arrival control more than 5 minutes after their due time will be deemed not to have visited that control.

Stage Time penalties: Minimum penalty = stage bogey time (K.30.4 (b))
Maximum penalty = stage maximum time

To be classed as a finisher, a competitor must report to all controls listed in the road book and report to the final control, within the maximum lateness specified, with the same crew in the same car in which they started. (K35.1)


All official signboards and arrows are mandatory.


Should controversy arise over a section, the organisers reserve the right ('Force Majeure' notwithstanding) to cancel the section from the results if they deem it fairer so to do. All official times and mileages are deemed to be correct and are not subject to protest.


The starting procedure for each stage will be as K25.12 but with countdowns starting at 15 seconds due to starting intervals of 30 seconds. The visual signal to start will be notified to each competitor in an Official Instruction.
False starts will be penalised as K31 (e).


The following will be judged as specified below:
K.25.3, K.25.3.1 (Crash helmets & seat belts) All marshals & officials
K.31 (e) False Starts All stage start marshals
K.25.9.1 Reversing back to stop line All stage finish marshals
K.25.9 Correct route on stages All marshals & officials
K.25.9.2 Reverse direction on a stage All marshals & officials
E.12.17.8 Excessive noise Sound test officials
K.25.5 Misuse of SOS/OK boards All marshals & officials
K.25.13 Possession of pace notes All marshals & officials
  Depositing of litter (SR 20) All marshals & officials


The red flag system will be used (K.25.10). The locations of the Red Flags will be in the final instructions and printed on the stage diagrams. On seeing a Red Flag, all competitors must stop at that point and wait for the instructions of the Flag Marshal. All vehicles must carry a SOS/OK board and in the event of an accident, where urgent medical assistance is required, the SOS board must be displayed to the following competitors; in the event of an accident where assistance is not required the OK board must be displayed. Any competitor seeing either an SOS or OK board displayed must report this to the finish, noting the location of the incident. (K.25.5)


Defined as work carried out by someone other than the competing crew, or the use of parts or tools not carried in the competing car. There will be a service area set aside where this work may be carried out (K.34.1.1). The behaviour and conduct of the service crew is the responsibility of the competitor and any contravention of the regulations by the service crew will be dealt with (K31(t)). You are reminded that the service area is not a test track and the warming/testing of tyres, etc. is forbidden. It is suggested that all crews take great care when working on their cars. If using a jack, axle stands are recommended, when working on fuel systems, the battery should be disconnected. All service vehicles are requested to carry a working fire extinguisher.


Possession of pace note as defined in K25.13 (whether the pace notes refer to this event or not) is not allowed. Only route and safety information issued by the organisers may be marked on to maps, not exceeding 1:25000 scale.


These will be posted to the nominated member of the crew, for an entrant whose entry has been accepted on Tuesday 14th August 2001. Entries received after the 10th August and before the final closing date will be notified by telephone and the Final Instructions will have to be collected at signing on.


MAD VIDEO will be the official video photographer. Copies of the official video may be purchased direct from MAD VIDEO

(PO Box 81, Keelby, Grimsby, DN37 5SN, tel: 01469 561281).


Tea, coffee, burgers, bacon sandwiches, soft beverages, cigarettes, etc. will be on sale in the burger van situated in the service area.

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