Wold Construction North Humberside Forest Rally 2007

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15th February 2007

Regulations for the Wold Construction North Humberside Forest Rally, which is based in Whitby this year and takes place on Saturday 31st March, have been published and further details of the event format are now available.

Scrutineering of all the rally cars, which begins at 3.00pm on Friday 30th March, will be at Endeavour Wharf in Whitby, and then the first car will leave the start at the Captain Cook statue, West Cliff, at 9.00am the following morning.

Rally HQ is the Spa Pavilion and cars will begin arriving there for the finish from 3.00pm that afternoon.

The rally, which is organised by North Humberside Motor Club Limited, will consist of four special stages, totalling 43 miles, on the North York Moors which represent a significant challenge to competitors, inasmuch as they will be some of the longest that crews will contest all season. The move to Whitby has also allowed the road mileage to be cut to an absolute minimum, reducing the total route to approximately 130 miles.

The event is a qualifying round of several major Championships and, as such, competition for a place in the entry list is expected to be fierce. Contenders for the Silverstone Competition Tyres BTRDA Gold & Silver Star Championships, the Tesco 99 Octane 1400 Championship & the MSA English Championship join those from a number of regional series and an excellent day's motorsport is in prospect.

The Entries Secretary, from whom regulations are available, is Amanda Smith :
Tel : 01947 821862/E-mail : entries@NorthHumbersideForestRally.org.uk

Further details are available from the Event Press Officer :
Andrew Haill - Tel : 0121 313 1416/E-mail : andrew.haill@btconnect.com
to whom all applications for accreditation should be addressed.

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