North Humberside Forest Rally 2008

Press Release 1

Supplementary regulations and entry form on the event website - for paper copies if no internet access - contact Amanda Smith (01947 8206982 or 01947 821862).

Start and rally HQ (Spa Pavilion) Whitby, North Yorkshire.
Centalised service (tarmac service) Whitby, North Yorkshire.
Six gravel stages in the eastern block of the Yorkshire forests.
Scrutineering Friday evening and Saturday morning.
Reverse-seeded 1400's run first on the road.
Historic and Post-historic classes (reverse-seeded) run second.
All others conventionally seeded running third on the road.

Round of three championships (ANCC, ANEMMC and EMAMC).

Further details are available from the Event Press Officer :
Gavin Heseltine - [email protected]

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