North Humberside Forest Rally

The North Humberside Forest Rally is promoted by North Humberside Motor Club Ltd.

2010 North Humberside Forest Rally - 31st January

Statement issued on 31st December 2009

Following negotiation with the Forestry Commission in North Yorkshire, it has become apparent that it will not be possible for North Humberside MC's North Humberside Forest Rally to run on 31 January 2010, and it seems unlikely (due to lack of available dates) that a suitable alternative date can be found later in the year.

Ian James (Clerk of the Course) commented: "It is with regret that the organisers have decided not to continue with the 2010 event. However we still intend to promote a similar event in 2011 within the North Yorkshire forests".

For the reasons expanded on below the Forestry Commission is not able to offer sufficient stage mileage in a small enough number of venues to the NHFR organisers for them to believe that it is economically viable to run an event that has no major championships other than regional association championships and would therefore be expecting no more than 60 entries in 2010.

The Forestry Commission's decision to withdraw the use of stages accessed via the Dalby Forest Drive from all events other than Rally Yorkshire has meant that event organisers have been forced to use other forests more intensively.

Also in order to attract competitors in these times of economic uncertainty organisers have reduced the number of venues and increased second usage in order to reduce forest charges and the high fixed costs (rescue, recovery, doctor and timing equipment) that each additional venue needs. These costs form the major part of the organising club's costs for a forest event.

This has meant that stages have become longer so as to provide the mileage in the most effective way and in so doing the larger forest areas are used more heavily. This has been the case in all of Langdale, Cropton and Gale Rigg forests. The surface of the tracks has suffered in Langdale and Cropton thereby restricting the available mileage and in Gale Rigg the mileage is restricted by the need to put roads used for harvesting out of bounds to rallies.

In the last quarter of 2009, Langdale was used by all three of Rally Yorkshire, the Malton Forest Rally and the Roger Albert Clark Rally.

The NHFR is a non-sponsored event and the costs involved in running an event to the format dictated by the mileage available (that would be mainly single usage) could not be passed on to the competitor. The entry fee would be too high to be attractive for the mileage offered and the club cannot afford to pay costs that could not be passed on to competitors.

2009 North Humberside Forest Rally - 28th February

The 2009 North Humberside Forest Rally which was scheduled to take place on 28th February 2009 has been cancelled due to lack of entries.

Update 22nd February - Rally Cancelled

North Humberside Motor Club Ltd regret to announce that the 2009 North Humberside Forest Rally which was due to run on 28th February has been cancelled.

At Sunday evening the number of entries received was too low to run the event at an acceptable level of loss.

The event organisers would like to thank those competitors who have supported the event with entries, the stage commanders, marshals, rescue units, recovery units, doctors and paramedics who committed their time to supporting the event, the landowners and those members of the organising team who have been working on event preparation for the last several months.

22 February 2008

The rally was to start and finish in Whitby and use stages in the central and eastern blocks of the North Yorkshire Forests.

The rally was confirmed as a round of

Update - 19th February

By late afternoon today (Thursday) we had 37 entries received, with approximately another 6 that are "firm promises".

This is too few entries for the event to run.

Our final decision has to be made this Sunday, so if you are still waiting before entering, you should contact the Entries Secretary as soon as possible. Similarly, if you believe you have entered, but we have not contacted you, please contact the Entries Secretary to ensure that we have received your entry and you are in our count of entries.

So far, we have not banked any payments, and if the rally is cancelled due to lack of entries we shall make a full refund (as we made a full refund in 2001 when foot and mouth disease forced the cancellation of the event).

The list of entries received is at

Update - 16th February

We expect that there will be some competitors who have been waiting to put an entry in on the North Humberside Forest Rally until after the Riponian had run.

We will run the event at less than the stated minimum of 120 entries if needs be.

The first closing date is this Wednesday, 18 February 2009, and whilst entries have been coming in steadily so far, we would still like more entries for the event.

Entries will be seeded on the entries received at the first closing date so that entries received after the first closing date will be slotted in to their correct running order by means of a start time list but will be numbered above all entries received to that date.

So if you want to carry a competition number that reflects your previous results you need to enter as soon as possible.

This event is running the up to 1400s and the historic classes in reverse numerical order ("reverse seeding") by dispensation from the MSA. This makes the event extremely "user-friendly" to the lower-powered competitors running within these blocks.

We have the asphalt service area in the centre of Whitby again, the same as in 2007 and not the area that was used in 2008.

We are having intermittent problems with the on-line entry form, and some are not being received. If you have made an on-line entry and you have not yet received an acknowledgement, please check with the Entries Secretary to ensure that it has been received.

Regulations Portable Document File are available for download on this website.
We are not printing Regulations this year, but if you cannot download Regulations from this website, please cotact the Entries Secretary and we shall print a set for you.

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